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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

weight gain during pregnancy

as im in my 37 weeks of pregnancy, my weight gain has reach 65.3kg from 55 kg before pregnancy..its a total of~10 kg gain..but that is normal though i really feels dat im like a fatty pregnant woman now..huhuhuhu..but do check this out:

Baby 3 kg
Maternal energy stores (fat, protein, and other nutrients) 3 kg
Fluid volume 2 kg
Breast enlargement 1 kg
Uterus 1 kg
Amniotic fluid 1 kg
Placenta 0.5 kg

so it totals up to 11.5 kg there's no worries about gaining up to 10 kg during pregnancy..hehehe, im not worried now;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enjoying pregnancy

Im in my 33 weeks pregnancy now;)..feels soo awesome n wonderful..d feeling is just sooo unexplainable especially when d kickings n d mini to huge gimnastic performance inside my tummy..heheh..cant wait for delivery but at the same time i feel like wanna be pregnant, hubby coming back from putrajaya, though just for 5 days, but will cherished it lah of course...hmmmm, hard to be far away from each other especially in this stage of pregnancy where u always need a shoulder n a place to share ur emotional feelings;)but what to do, his duty calls..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thesis and research paper work editing

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

its been a while...

yeah, its been a while since i last updated my blog...bukan apa, lazy duuhhh...been soo energetic n excited before my wedding which was last year december, writing every entry about the d approaching event dat time...then later after wed, slow down dy and started to focus on things which i left behind for quite sometime; which is my thesis writing..hahahahahah...January I went back to KK to finish n furnish wat was left undone..yalah, my thesis lah...concentrating writing correcting consulting and,guess what are d final -ting?..yeah, vomit-ting...y?because after a month in KK, struggling with writing my final draft, i found out that I am actually carrying me n my hubby's next generation!whoaaaahooooo....surprised!yeah, it was surprising indeed since we didnt plan for it just yet..but we did hope;)))just the chance of conceiving was merely 0:which explained by my gynea doctor during our fertility session before we got married..soooo, no offence, but cant trust doctor fully also in some cases...God is good all the time...rezeki lah first I was a bit tense, having through a terrible morning sickness while struggling to finish my thesis writing and alone without my husband and family around..but thank goodness, Dr Annita and Ah Yau: my lecturer and my junior: were always there for me..I really owe them a lot...they made me feel like home;)))...

Now I am already in my 28 weeks 9 days of pregnancy..another 2 more months..time flies soo fast..I thought my morning sickness will last till i give birth, but thank God, after 5 months, I finally feels like human back again..huhuhu..i can eat anything n most of all no more vomiting..yeay!!Now I am waiting for september at home in my hometown..but d not-happy-part is that my beloved hubby is far far away in Putrajaya...can wait for his next return;))...

oklah, tired actually..this whole day spending time in IKM for SPA exam..entrance for PTD..mau ikut jejak langkah mr. husband;)...hopefully pass la;))

Friday, December 3, 2010


what a day today....i went to pay my water bill at Kuching water Board n the story make it short, i was directed to customer service due to wrong bill while waiting for my turn, suddenly d robot lady called out the number after mine, instead of calling my the moment directly i see my number already at the 3rd calling time but then there were no sound of the robot lady i went up the the counter i suppose to be goin n ask about it...what surprise me was that the counter guy yell at me and say I was sleeping...damn i was pissed, so pissed that i cudnt hold my breath..n he kept on saying that i was wrong, didnt pay attention and that I was dozing out and about...I explained him wat I was facing but still he was soo thick skin..he even said I was deaf..i cant stand my anger and out of nothing I told him to go to die (aku padah nya dah tua tua camya bagus pegi mampus jak)..ayo...first time in my life i got terribly angry at a public place like that...for goodness sake, dat guy really got no manner..then I walked away..
overall, many times I dealt with government staffs, most of them were just about the same, lazy, and not friendly, but this one, was really terrible...Luckily he didnt wear any nametag..I x know what his name was but I cant forget how he look like...